Welcome To Poguelandia (2022)

A/N: Here you go! I hope you love it. :) I tried to make the reader as gender neutral.

Warnings: Angst, talk of cheating, and slight cursing.

Welcome To Poguelandia (1)

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Steve watched you closely as you listened to Max and Dustin explain this completely impossible thing that was apparently happening in Hawkins. The two freshmen were talking over each other, trying to make sense of something that was nonsensical. Nancy and Robin stood in the corner, the latter chewing on her nails nervously. You struggled to keep the look of pure disbelief off of your face as they finally finished their story, and you bit down on your tongue to keep from lashing out at Steve.

“Say something, Y/N.” Steve reached for you, but you moved out of reach. No one in the room missed the hurt that flashed across his face.

“You expect me to believe that there is a demon in an alternate dimension that is targeting children and murdering them? And that this dimension is an exact replica of ours, only it’s upside down? And you all so creatively named this dimension… The Upside Down?” You scoffed, eyeing Steve. “Is this really the story you want to go with?”

“It’s not a story, Y/N… They’re telling the truth.” Nancy said from her spot in the corner.

“You need to stay out of it, Wheeler.” You snarled, your temper finally getting the best of you. “When you two feel like being honest with me, you know where to find me. Until then, leave me the hell alone.”

You got to your feet and stormed out of Nancy Wheeler’s house. You had rode here with Steve. After stopping for a second at the end of the driveway to compose yourself, you set off in the direction of your own home. You could vaguely hear the sounds of Steve calling after you. You knew that he was panicking.

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Good. You thought to yourself. He deserves to panic… And that bullshit excuse?! You scoffed to yourself again, rolling your eyes and wrapping your arms around yourself. The fabric of Steve’s windbreaker brought you comfort, and you kicked yourself mentally for still feeling that way for someone who had so blatantly lied to you. For someone who had gotten his friends to do the same. For someone you had caught sneaking around with his ex-girlfriend after he had lied to you about where he was and what he was doing.


As you rounded the corner on your street, you heard him calling your name from the open window in his car as he drove. You had been walking for 20 minutes, and you had hoped that you’d be in the safety of your bedroom before he came looking for you. Luck really wasn’t on your side tonight.

“Y/N, please get in the car. We need to talk.” He pleaded, and you knew that he looked as desperate as he sounded without having to look at him.

“I don’t have anything to say to you. You thought that you could cover up the fact that you’ve been sneaking around with her?” You shook your head and chuckled darkly.

He swore softly, “I… I am so sorry. I didn’t even think of how it would look. Baby, please… Please just listen to me.”

“I knew… When we first started dating, I knew you weren’t over her. And no matter what you or Robin said, I knew you still loved her.” You stopped walking then, finally whirling around to look at him.

He sighed, and just stared at you for a moment before he said, “Please… Y/N… Just get in the car.”

You shook your head, but as you curled into yourself, you rounded the vehicle and climbed into the passenger seat. He reached over to put a hand on your thigh, but then thought better of it, dropping his hand in his lap.

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“My parents aren’t home.” You whispered, “Let’s just talk in my room since we’re practically there.”

“Okay.” Was all he said as he drove down your street and pulled into your driveway.

As the two of you walked into your house, you felt him watching you carefully. The ascent up the stairs was quiet, other than the creak of floorboards under your shoes. You held your bedroom door open for him, and he walked into your room. You followed, shrugging out of the windbreaker as you went. When you handed it to Steve, his eyebrows furrowed.

“So,” you started, “What story would you like to weave this time?”

“I know you think we’re all full of shit… And if I hadn’t lived through this for the past few years, I would be in the same place you are. I would have laughed in your face and told you to go to hell if I were where you are. But that’s me, that’s not who you are.” He plopped down on your bed, “Tell me, if Nancy weren’t involved, would you believe me then?”

“I don’t know.” You wrapped your arms around you again. In all reality, you probably would have believed him, believed all of them, if Nancy hadn’t been involved. That thought made you feel like complete and utter shit.

“You said that you knew I was still in love with her when we had gotten together.” Steve said.

It wasn’t a question, but you answered anyway. “I did. And I told Robin as much.”

“I don’t love Nancy. I haven’t for a long time.” He stated, his voice was void of any emotion, but you could see the way his eyes shined. He was devastated.

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“Then why? Why couldn’t you tell me what was going on? Why couldn’t you trust me enough to talk to me, explain what was going on? So maybe, when I saw the two of you together, I didn’t assume the worst.” Your voice broke, and you struggled to keep your breathing even as your own tears threatened to fall.

“I did it to protect you.” He said, his eyes falling to his hands. “I didn’t want to keep things from you, but I didn’t think there was any other way to keep you safe. To keep you alive. I’m supposed to protect you.”

“Steve-” You started, but he held up his hand.

“I know I was wrong in not telling you. I know that you are strong enough to handle whatever I throw at you. It’s part of the reason that I fell in love with you.” He sighed, the sound was forced, and you resisted the urge to cross the room and wrap him in your arms, to kiss him until he smiled at you again. “I should have told you, but,” He looked into your eyes, “ There is absolutely nothing going on between Nancy and I.”

You let yourself cross the room then, sitting beside him on the bed. He watched you warily. You had never seen him look so dejected.

“Y/N, you have to believe me.” He took your hands, slowly, unsure if you’d let him touch you.

You let him pull your hands up to his lips and press soft kisses there, before pulling your body into his, your head resting perfectly in the crook of his neck. This was what made you feel the safest. Being in his arms had been the only time in your life you had felt like you belonged somewhere, and the thought of losing that shattered something in your heart. The tears finally spilled over, and you tried to hide your sobs, but he knew immediately. He pulled away enough to look at you.

His hands came up to cup your face, and as his thumbs brushed across your cheeks, swiping the tears away, he kissed your forehead once, twice, three times as his own tears began to fall.

“I love you, Steve. If… If you say nothing happened, then I believe you.” You rested your hand on his thigh, and he let out a shaky breath.

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“I promise, I won’t keep anything from you ever again.” He kissed your forehead again, “And I’ll let you make your own decisions about being involved in The Upside Down.”

“Is that the best name you all could come up with?” You both laughed, and he grabbed your chin, lifting your face so that you met his eyes.

“No more hiding. No more lies.” He said, and you nodded.

His eyes dropped to your lips, and his thumb traced your lips.

“Are you going to kiss me, Harrington?” You asked, grinning at him, your face still stained with tears.

“God, you are so beautiful.” He breathed, before he finally crashed his lips to yours.

When you parted, both of you out of breath, you said, “I suppose that I need to apologize to Nancy, then.”

“She understands why you were upset.” He shook his head, “but it probably wouldn’t hurt.”

You laughed and the two of you collapsed back into your bed, wrapped in each other’s arms. You would apologize, to Nancy and to the rest of them. You would make things right, but for now, as Steve wrapped his arms around you, all you wanted was to be here.

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“I love you, Steve.” You kissed his jaw.

“And I love you.” He grinned. “So much.”

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Outer Banks season 2 ended on a bittersweet note as the five original Pogues — John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), Kiara (Madison Bailey), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) — got stranded on a deserted island with the newest member of the group, Cleo (Carlacia Grant), officially joining the Pogues.. What they don't know, however, is their season 2 nemesis Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) is busy making moves in Barbados, connecting with none other than John B's presumed-dead father Big John (Charles Halford) who is most definitely not dead despite what everyone has thought this entire time.. EW got showrunners Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke to unpack all those season 2 finale cliffhangers and tease what it all means for a potential third season — and get excited because they promise a lot more Pogue romance is coming .. In the evolution of the season, it just became more apparent that we wanted to play it at the end of the season.. JOSH PATE: The first season we shot different endings, because we weren't 100 percent sure, and we had some alts on this season too that we ended up not using.. In episode two or three or four of this second season, we thought about having Big John appear then with Limbrey.. JOSH: John B's relationship with his dad is a huge theme and having his dad back around and eventually they're going to meet back up and John B has to reconcile his idealized version of his dead dad with the reality of his alive dad.. [ Laughs ] That was one thing we really loved about season 1 that's less of an element of season 2 that we really want to get back to.. BURKE: In general, we were basically shot out of a canon in season 2.. And we want to have a little more room for like our teen drama and teen romances in season 3, just as a general principle.. And then Rafe went on a really dark journey this season but he ended up not shooting at the Pogues as they escaped in the finale.

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