Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (2022)


Getting inspiration for your next Power BI report can be one of the best ways to kick start the build/design process. In this handbook, we'll share our top 10 Power BI dashboards, all of which are purpose-built using a unique dataset and follow design best practices.

You can also view the live version of each Power BI dashboard by clicking their corresponding header.

For each dashboard we'll provide a high-level overview by covering three criteria:

  1. Who the audience of the dashboard is
  2. What the purpose of the dashboard is
  3. What the dashboards key insights are

For reference, all the dashboards below were built using the Numerro Toolkit, allowing for an effortless build/design process whilst implementing design best practice every step of the way. Additionally, all dashboards are included as part of the Toolkit, acting as templates to help you start.

What we'll cover

1 - Finance Dashboard

2 - HR Dashboard

3 - Logistics Dashboard

4 -
Social Media Dashboard

5 -
Sales Dashboard

6 -
Marketing Dashboard

7 -
Customer Analysis Dashboard

8 -
Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

9 -
Executive Dashboard

10 -
Website Analytics Dashboard

Free Template

1 - Finance Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (1)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The finance dashboard was built as an executive-level report to showcase an organisation's financial insights. As the intended users are executive-level employees, the dashboard presents high-level insights that allow users to easily scan the report. Users then have the additional option to dive into the granular metrics, should a high-level matrix trigger an insight worth exploring.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to provide a high-level overview of the business's financial performance over time. Additionally, it allows users to dive into financial performance by location and product category. Both of these focus areas allow users to determine financial trends and areas of over/under performance. Users can then use these initial insights to determine where to focus their efforts.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI's - Revenue, Profit, Orders, Customers, Quantity:
    Provides a snapshot of the business's financial position
  2. Area Chart - Revenue over time (12 months):
    Helps users identify the seasonal flow of business
  3. Stacked Bar Chart - Revenue by region, split by product category:
    Helps users understand their financial performance by geography and category
  4. Table - Sub-category performance:
    Provides insights into how each product performs
  5. 100% Stacked Bar Chart - Revenue to Profit ratio:
    Provides a clear indication of their financial position based on a common accounting metric.

2 - HR Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (2)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The HR dashboard is for HR managers who want to understand the demographics of employees, keep up with new employees, and ensure they are meeting industries diversity standards.

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What the purpose of the dashboard is:

High-level insights, including average salary, average duration, and average age, help the HR team understand who their employees are. These insights allow HR to better accommodate employees in future company decisions. Additionally, the insights help the HR team carefully craft a diverse workforce that meets the companies mission.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI's - No. Employees, Av. Salary, Av. Duration at Company, Av. Age:
    To better understand the average employee profile
  2. Area Chart - New Employees per year:
    To measure the rate of recruitment
  3. Bar Chart - No. of employees by region:
    To uncover the geographical distribution of employees
  4. Table - Latest employees:
    To keep track of new employees

3 - Logistics Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (3)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The logistics dashboard is used by logistics managers to help them understand the flow of goods. The report also provides a view by product, delivery method, and location for further insights.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the logistics dashboard is to help logistics managers with product flow. The dashboard identifies areas of high/low product flow to helps managers allocate resources in order to meet delivery standards and run a smooth operation.

Overall, this helps the organisation become more efficient by better utilising their resources, essentially saving them time and money.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI's - No. Order, No. Quantity, No. Customers:
    To provide context relating to the scale of the operation.
  2. Decomposition Tree - Flow of orders by category and sub-category:
    To prioritize each products shipping process.
  3. Shape Map - Orders by state:
    Helps managers allocate resources based on demand.
  4. Matrix - Order by month, by shipping mode:
    Helps users better allocate resources throughout the year and prioritize shipping method development.

4 - Social Media Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (4)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The social media dashboard is for social media managers and is used to help them understand the high-level impact each of their social networks has on their audience.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

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The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of how the social media teams efforts are impacting the number of impressions over time. Additionally, the dashboard is designed to help identify the best performing social networks. In return, this helps the team better understand where to focus their marketing efforts.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. Ribbon chart - Impressions by month, split by platform:
    To help prioritize which platforms to focus on throughout the year.
  2. Table - Impressions by content type:
    To determine which content types perform the best.
  3. Stacked Column Chart - Impressions by quarter, split by platform.:
    To provide a high level view of impressions across the year to help resource allocation.
  4. Bar Chart - Impressions by platform:
    To determine the highest performing platform and prioritise accordingly (supports the below).
  5. Donut Chart - Impressions % by platform:
    To determine the split of impressions and prioritise accordingly (supports the above).

5 - Sales Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (5)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The sales dashboard was built for sales managers to help them visualize their sales data, including opportunity values, count and velocity.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to help sales managers understand how the business is performing and where they need to focus their efforts if they are to meet their sales targets.

The dashboard provides sales managers with an overview of their sales to date, along with granular details relating to each opportunity. Additionally, all metrics are presented in a high-level format to help sales managers identify areas of focus.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI's - Sales, No. Opportunities, Av. Opportunity Size, Av Velocity:
    Help managers gauge an overview of their current sales position
  2. Area Chart - Sales & Opportunities by month:
    Help managers measure the flow of deals by month in relation to targets.
  3. Donut Chart - Total sales split by marketing channel:
    Allow managers to identify which channels require additional focus based on performance.
  4. Clustered Bar Chart - Opportunities by sales stage, split by marketing channel:
    Helps managers monitor the flow of opportunities and assist with progression
  5. Bar Chart - Sales grouped by opportunity size:
    Helps managers understand the dynamics of their sales business

6 - Marketing Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (6)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The marketing dashboard was built for a banks marketing team to visualize a set of market research the bank carried out with its customers.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to help a banks marketing team identify trends and patterns within a set of market research carried out with customers.

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The dashboard provides the marketing team with a visual representation of their research, allowing them to spot correlations between various customer data points. These insights help them understand their customers and therefore learn how to better accommodate them.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. Scatterplot - Av. bank balance by age, split but education level:
    Helps the bank identify the profile of their more lucrative customers.
  2. 100% Stacked Bar Chart - Total subjects by education, split by marital status:
    Helps the bank better understand their customer demographics.
  3. Multi-card Row - Job type breakdown:
    Helps the bank better understand their customer portfolio, as well the more lucrative job types.
  4. Treemap - Av. bank balance by education level:
    Helps the bank target future customer, as they know which customer type is more valuable.

7 - Customer Analysis Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (7)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The customer analysis dashboard was built for the management of a food retailer to better understand their customer's demographics and how these impact their relationship with the retailer.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to help the food retailer understand which type of customers are more valuable, and which ones are less valuable. These insights allow the retailer to focus their efforts on specific customers that provide a higher ROI.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI's - Av. Age, Av. Duration as Customer, Av. Income, Av. No. Purchases, Av. 2y Spend:
    These insights allow the retailer to understand their average customers activity.
  2. Scatterplot - Correlation between age and average 2y spend:
    Profiles the retailers customers by spend and age, helping them spot more lucrative customer demographics for future targeting.
  3. Matrix - Customer breakdown by age:
    Provides insights into how a customers age impacts their activity with the retailer.

8 - Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (8)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The customer satisfaction dashboard was built for the management of an airline company to help them understand insights collected from customer feedback surveys.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to help the airline understand how customers rate the service provided. The insights allow the airline to determine whether they are improving their service with customer expectations. Additionally, it helps them better understand how specific service offerings are performing in regards to customer satisfaction.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. Gauges - Users, Av. Score, Av. Delay:
    Provides the airline with benchmark stats that gauge the overall satisfaction levels vs targets.
  2. Stacked Bar Chart - Participants by satisfaction level, split by class:
    Helps the airline identify the performance of service offerings on customer satisfaction, allowing them to better prioritise resources to high/low performing areas.
  3. Line Chart - Av. Customer Rating by Class and Year:
    Helps the airline identify how decisions impact the level of customer satisfaction over a period of 8 years.
  4. Table - All stats by year:
    Supports the above on a granular level.

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9 - Executive Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (9)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The executive dashboard was built for executive level employees to understand how their business has performed year to date.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to provide a snapshot of the businesses performance, focusing only on high-level insights that are easily digestible. The aim is for executive level employees to track key metrics and gauge whether a deep dive is necessary to improve/sustain a certain performance metric.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI's - COGS, Profit, Discounts, Av. Unit Cost
    High-level snapshot of key metrics
  2. KPI/Area Chart - Sales, Units Sold, Av. Sales Price, Av. Units Per Order
    High level snapshot of key metrics + monthly trend for further visual representation

10 - Website Analytics Dashboard

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (10)

Who the audience of the dashboard is:

The website analytics dashboard was built for a companies marketing department to understand how customers were interacting with their website.

What the purpose of the dashboard is:

The purpose of the dashboard is to collect website analytics data a present it in an easier format to help the marketing team digest key insights about how their customers are interacting with their website.

The aim is to showcase key KPI's that help gauge how the website is performing against benchmark metrics. It also uncovers which pages perform better than others so that the team can improve their customers website experience.

What the dashboards key insights are:

  1. KPI/Area Chart - Pageview, Unique Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Exit Rate:
    Key stats to gauge performance vs benchmark stats
  2. Clustered Column Chart - Pageviews/Unique Pageview by month:
    To understand how their website performs throughout the year, which they can use to identify the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  3. Donut Chart - Pageviews split by year half:
    High level view of the above insight.
  4. Table - Exit Rate & Pageviews by Page:
    Uncovers how specific pages perform to help the marketing team optimize user experience.

Free Demo Template

Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples + Free Template (11)

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If you're looking to get a feel for how we've built the reports above, why not try out our demo template. The demo template and dashboards above were all built using the Numerro Toolkit. We built the Toolkit to make it easier and faster for Power BI users like yourself to build great looking reports that reap the benefits of implementing design best practice. If you're interested in learning how it works, check it out here.


What is a good dashboard in Power BI? ›

Keep your dashboard simple with only a 3 to 5 key values, charts, or tables. Avoid putting too much information on a dashboard. Remember to provide adequate context and keep related items near each other. Avoid displaying “singular numbers” without any other context.

How do I create a dashboard template in Power BI? ›

How to Create a Power BI Template
  1. Think About How You Transform Your Data.
  2. Build Your Power BI Dashboard.
  3. Create a New Query Parameter.
  4. Save Your Dashboard as a Power BI Template File.
  5. Open Your Power BI Template With a New Data Source.
  6. Your Turn: Give This a Try.
Nov 2, 2018

What is Power BI dashboard examples? ›

Power BI Dashboard Examples are nothing but a collection of visualizations that keep updating when the underlying data changes. They have development functionalities that allow visualization widgets to be dragged and dropped to the canvas.

What does PBIX stand for? ›

Power BI Desktop File
Popularity4.2 | 21 Votes
CategoryData Files
Apr 19, 2018

How many datasets A dashboard can have? ›

Now you will have those charts pinned to your newly created dashboard and when you click on the dashboard tiles, you will be taken to the corresponding reports. You cannot have two different datasets drive the same report however.

What is the first step in the 7 step dashboard design guidelines? ›

  • 5 steps to effective Dashboard Design. Guidelines for creating impactful dashboards. ...
  • Step 1: Assess the need. Remember, the goal of the dashboard is important. ...
  • Step 2: Make a prototype. ...
  • Step 3: Choose the charts. ...
  • Step 4: Make sure the charts are effective. ...
  • Step 5: Gather feedback and reiterate.
Jul 12, 2020

What are the most important parts of this dashboard? ›

In reality, the most important aspect of a great dashboard is the part that gets the least amount of attention: The underlying data. More than any other aspect, the data will make or break a dashboard.

What are the four key success factors of dashboard reporting? ›

Successful dashboards achieve the following: Successfully communicate strategic-level results. Present data in a user-friendly visual format. Create snapshot of current status and trends over time.

What are the three principles of good visualization design? ›

Right at the onset credit unions should internalize the three most important principles of good visualization, the 3 s's: simple, standard and scalable.

What is a KPI dashboard? ›

A KPI dashboard displays key performance indicators in interactive charts and graphs, allowing for quick, organized review and analysis. Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures of performance over time for specific strategic objectives.

What language is used in power query? ›

The M language is the data transformation language of Power Query. Anything that happens in the query is ultimately written in M. If you want to do advanced transformations using the Power Query engine, you can use the Advanced Editor to access the script of the query and modify it as you want.

Can Excel open PBIX files? ›

Opening a PBIX File in Excel

Although you cannot open a PBIX file directly in Excel, yet you can export data from Power Bi and import it into Excel to pursue your task. Open your PBIX file in Microsoft Power Bi. Open your Power Bi desktop model. Now you have to choose the Data view by clicking on the Data tab.

What is difference between PBIX and PBIT File extensions? ›

The PBIT file keeps your report structure and contains 'DataModelSchema File' instead of ''DataModel File''. However, If you choose import mode, the PBIX file stores all imported data from data sources and the report structure.

How do I create a power query template? ›

How it works
  1. Open Power Query by clicking on Data > Get Data > Launch Power Query Editor.
  2. In Power Query Editor, click File > Export template.
  3. When prompted, enter a template name and description.
  4. Click OK to save the Power Query template.
Nov 9, 2020

How do you create a report template? ›

Create custom reports with our report template builder - YouTube

What is the difference between Power Query and Power Pivot? ›

Power Query is the recommended experience for importing data. Power Pivot is great for modeling the data you've imported. Use both to shape your data in Excel so you can explore and visualize it in PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Power BI.

How do you make a report look fancy? ›

Consider Using Visuals To Enhance Appeal and Reinforce the Content. Photos, illustrations, or other design elements can add warmth and visual interest to your report. Choose visuals that are clear, uncluttered, and culturally appropriate for your intended audience.

What is a reporting template? ›

Report Template means the content, formatting, look and feel of the templates used for the reports, charts, graphs and other presentation in which the Results are presented to Customer.

How do you write a professional report? ›

The following are steps you can take to write a professional report in the workplace:
  1. Identify your audience. ...
  2. Decide which information you will include. ...
  3. Structure your report. ...
  4. Use concise and professional language. ...
  5. Proofread and edit your report.

People’s Response to This Dashboard This dashboard offers detailed insight into airport operations activities.. This dashboard provides details about total sales, total profits, last year sales, and percentage growth.. People’s Response to This Dashboard This Power BI dashboard highlights critical information.. People’s Response to This Dashboard The dashboard has cool visualizations and offers profound insights.. What this Dashboard Does This Power BI dashboard provides insight into headcount statistics.. What this Dashboard Does The Executive Insights dashboard allows companies to view their business from multiple angles based on attributes including. Profit margin Average order quantity YOY percentage change in Total Profit Top five products by Total Profit, Total Quantity, and Total Revenue How Total Profit, Total Quantity, and Total Revenue is distributed geographically. What this Dashboard Does This dashboard provides vital insight into how much companies are selling per state, region, and product.. People’s Response to This Dashboard The dashboard is stunning and offers critical insight.. People’s Response to This Dashboard Excellent and Insightful dashboard for teachers and administrators.. What this Dashboard Does This dashboard is divided into three tabs.

Power BI is a Business Intelligence service that is employed by many of these organizations to implement these useful techniques on their business data, maintained in the Cloud Data Warehouse and numerous other sources.. Users use Power BI Reports to visualize their data and perform analysis.. After introducing Power BI and its various formats, in this article you will learn in detail about different parts of Power BI Report, some Power BI Reports Examples, and differences between Power BI and Tableau Dashboards.. Power BI is a collective group of an assortment of services and cloud-based apps that can help organizations at all levels to manage, analyze data from different data sources easily with the help of a very user-friendly interface.. A Power BI report provides a very detailed overview of any dataset or data stream of interest in the form of different visualizations, filters, and parameters.. Power BI Reports Examples: Sales Analysis Reports Power BI Reports Examples: Email Marketing Reports Power BI Reports Examples: Customer Profitability Reports Power BI Reports Examples: Financial Analysis Reports Power BI Reports Examples: Digital Marketing Reports Power BI Reports Examples: HR Analytics Reports Power BI Reports Examples: Website Analytics Reports. Hevo Data, a No-code Data Pipeline, helps transfer data from 100+ sources to a Data Warehouse/Destination of your choice and visualize it in your desired BI tool such as Power BI.. Image Source: Power BI provides a very detailed Financial Analysis Reporting including as many Financial Parameters as possible to understand the financials of a company & project the future directions.. Power BI helps in creating very detailed Digital Marketing Reports that involve all the important information about Digital Marketing parameters including Bounce Rate, CPM, CTR, Impressions, Conversions, etc.. Tableau platform is primarily known for the vast data visualization functionalities that it offers mainly dashboards whereas Power BI handles a large number of data points to offer data visualizations with the help of powerful reports.. Overall, Power BI provides a very large number of functionalities for data visualization and reporting purposes.. In this article you learned in detail about different parts of Power BI Report, some Power BI Reports Examples, and differences between Power BI Dashboards .. Hevo with its strong integration with 100+ sources & BI tools , allows you to not only export & load Data but also transform & enrich your Data & make it analysis-ready in a jiffy.

Power BI offers different kinds of samples for different purposes, including built-in samples and apps in the Power BI service, .pbix files, Excel datasets, and SQL databases.. You can view it in the Data Stories Gallery, open and explore it in Power BI Desktop, or upload it to the Power BI service.. You can explore the data model in the Power Pivot add-in for Excel or use the Excel workbook as a data source for a Power BI report.. Each of these samples is available in several formats: as a built-in sample, as an Excel workbook, and as a Power BI .pbix file.. The built-in samples are available in the Power BI service; you don't have to leave Power BI to find them.. The Excel workbooks are designed to be used as a data source in the Power BI service or Power BI Desktop.. Customer Profitability Sample Human Resources Sample IT Spend Analysis Sample Opportunity Tracking Sample Procurement Analysis Sample Retail Analysis Sample Sales and Marketing Sample Supplier Quality Analysis Sample. OneDrive - Business : If you have OneDrive for Business and you sign into it with the same account you sign into Power BI with, OneDrive for Business is by far the best place to keep your work in your Excel file in sync with your dataset, reports, and dashboards in Power BI.. You can use the files as data sources in Power BI Desktop , or Publish to Power BI from Excel to the Power BI service.. Upload your workbook to Power BI : Brings the whole Excel file into Power BI, or Export workbook data to Power BI : Creates a blank Power BI report with all your Excel data in the Fields list.. If you select Import , Power BI imports the sample workbook and adds it as a new blank report and dataset, in this case each named Procurement Analysis Sample .

A good dashboard design, with a stunning visual design, clear layout and intuitive way of presenting data/contents, makes a website/app stand out and helps users take quick action or navigate more quickly.. Highlights : Interactive dashboard UI design. In Mockplus, designers can easily create rich interactions for their website admin dashboard design prototypes.. Website theme : Photo management website. This design example follows this idea and creates intuitive layouts to present different website data.. Use card UI design to visualize your admin dashboard design. Highlights : Visually beautiful color scheme. Color is one of the most important visual elements for users to create a visually stunning website.. Create a visually attractive dashboard design with colors. Highlights : Visual hierarchy design. Also use such visual elements to create visually stunning information/performance/data/management dashboard designs.. Be sure to choose the chart that best helps visualize your data.. Apart from great design ideas, handy prototyping and collaboration tools are essential for designers to create an awesome website dashboard UI design.

You can use several pages in a dashboard or create a single-page dashboard.. The last page in the dashboard displays a geographical map of how many mentions you got in different places, as well as a bar chart showing the top cities and states and how many mentions you got in each.. This dashboard allows you to track interest in products, how fast products are getting sold out, which products will soon be out of stock, and more.. You’ll see a sales trend graph, as well total sales, total profit, and profit ratio for different categories.. You’ll see a list of your top customers, along with data such as total transactions, total profits, and more.. At the top, you can see a graph showing attendance over time, as well as total absences vs target absences, both in terms of total absences and absence rate.. There is also a breakdown of total absences and absence percentage by school, as well as the number of reductions in absence occurrences each school needs to reach in order to reach the target goal.. That’s pretty much all there is to this dashboard — a Power BI dashboard doesn’t have to be complex; it can be simple and focused on just one or two data points as well.. This Power BI dashboard displays results from a survey about productivity.. This dashboard is very simple, but it shows you how you can use Power BI to display survey results — even from surveys that contain just four questions — in a fun and easy to read way.. At the top, you can also see your total gross profit, gross profit percentage, total cost of goods sold (COGS), net profit, and net profit percentage.. The dashboard also shows you a chart displaying how many new listings are added each year across the entire city, as well as how much new revenue was generated each year, and how the increase correlated with new listings.

Then, we will review a couple of really nice custom visuals that you can use to improve your reports & dashboards and make them actionable.. Power BI slicers are visuals acting as filters.. However, if you work in Power BI you might need some help to do that.. That's where Power BI custom visuals come in.. Column charts should be mainly used for visualizing a single category over time , while bar charts are great for looking at a specific value across different categories .. At Zebra BI, we like using bar charts for things like variances in a table.. You can take data about companies and show their icons, names, hyperlinks and additional data fields and display it as an easy-to-read overview.. Slicers are a great way to switch between different filters, especially those that you use often.. It allows you to use a Power BI hierarchy as a slicer to filter other report items.. It allows corporate users to see a data visualization as they are entering data.. A list of custom visuals for Power BI would not be complete without our own Zebra BI Tables and Zebra BI Charts .. They are the first and only IBCS®-certified visuals on the market and allow you to create complex visual reports that combine waterfall charts, small multiples and other advanced features.

Power BI - Changing Report Theme. In this section, we'll walk through the 'Name and Colors' part of the Power BI themes framework to help you understand how each element impacts the design of your report.. Power BI - Customize Theme Name and colors Name = The name of your theme.. Your themes color palette should consist of 10 colors, see below.. Slicer background color = Slicer Color (Color 8) Visual Data labels (inside only) = White Shape Map Default Color = Slicer Color (Color 8) Gauge Target Color = Header Color (Color 6) Table/Matrix Column Headers = Slicer Color (Color 8) / Primary 1 (Color 1)

Check out Power BI's leading features for users on the Power BI platform. With so many users now on the Power BI platform, a question that often gets brought up is, “What are the top Power BI features I need to know about?”.. Monthly Product Updates (all) Extract insights from large datasets (varies) Create custom visualizations with R and Python (all) Analyze your datasets in Excel (Pro or Premium only) Create beautiful maps with your data (all) Easily source and transform data with Power Query (all) Automatic data refreshes (Pro or Premium only) Power BI Mobile App (all) Re-use datasets across different reports and dashboards (Pro or Premium only) Powerful integration with other Microsoft Products (varies). To learn more about creating powerful dashboards with Power BI, check out CFI’s Power BI Fundamentals course!. ProductIntegrationNotes Microsoft Teams Power BI Teams appFind and work with Power BI content within TeamsEmbed a Power BI report in a Teams channelPin a frequently used Power BI report to the top of your Teams channelShare Power BI reports and visuals within Teams Microsoft PowerPoint Export a Power BI report to PowerPointEasily make presentations using data from Power BIEmbed a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in a Power BI app Microsoft Word Embed a Microsoft Word document in a Power BI appBy creating a navigation pane in a Power BI app, users can. embed a Word document within a Power BI app.

write a program that asks the user for his name and greets him with his name in python. You can create Power BI KPIs by following the steps below.. Step 1: Adding KPI Indicators from the Fields Pane.. Step 2: Adding the KPI Trends.. Step 4: Converting the Visual into a KPI.. Step 5: Adding Goals and Formatting the KPI.. This Power BI template is designed to help you make an actionable Sales Dashboard .

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an Excel Dashboard using form controls.. This excel dashboard allows you to transform data into an advanced template!. The Dashboard UX template will show you how to create better Excel dashboards using smart screen tips.. Learn how to create a one-page dashboard template for tracking the actual status of key metrics.. If you want to create an Excel dashboard using infographics, take a deep into our template!

how to edit a legend in bluebeam April 18th, 2019 - Download Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint Easily insert dashboards in PowerPoint in the form of standalone slides with statistical data and charts You ... work with you on dashboard audits reviewing your businesses Excel reports to dashboard design to even Power BI dashboard and data visualisation style guides. . SlideTeam added 141 new products (e.g.. This Power BI dashboard template for delivery management allows processing orders on time.. That’s pretty important considering the current COVID-19 situation and all the turmoil it generates.. The Insight Delivery template consolidates business data in one place, carefully measures every step of the delivery process, and helps increase customer loyalty.. condos for sale south county ri

Below is how to use the Power BI tool to create a dashboard example.. Step 4: Now, our data is uploaded to Power Bi, and under the data section, we should see the uploaded data table.. Step 6: Here, we need to rearrange our data to create a dashboard.. Step 7: Now, in the New column, first give the name for the column as “Sale Value.”. Step 9: After applying the formula, hit the enter key, and we should have a new column named “Sale Value” in the table fields.. Let’s create visuals for these fields.. Create a Card Visual for Sale Value, COGS, and Gross Profit.. As you can see above by default card visual, apply the number formatting, and the total sale value says “99.37 M”.. Now create one more Matrix table to show monthly gross profit numbers at different discount bands.. Drag and drop “Month Number” to row field, “Gross Profit” columns to the “Value” field, and for “Column Field” insert “Discount Band.”. Now we have two different matrix tables showing data numbers.. For this Map, visual, insert the “City” column for “Location” and “Sale Value” for “Size.”. Note: To apply DAX Formulas, we need data; you can download the Power BI file to get the ready table.. If data doesn’t have all the columns to create a dashboard, then you need to create those columns by adding calculated columns.. This has been a Guide to Examples of Power BI Dashboard.

In the workspace where you saved the sample, open the Dashboards tab, then find the Retail Analysis Sample dashboard and select it.. On the dashboard, select the Total Stores New & Existing Stores tile, which opens to the Store Sales Overview page in the Retail Analysis Sample report.. In the This Year Sales by Chain pie chart, select Fashions Direct .. Notice the result in the Total Sales Variance % bubble chart:. On the dashboard, select the This Year's Sales, Last Year's Sales tile, which opens the District Monthly Sales page of the report.. Select Cincinnati 2 Fashions Direct in the slicer and observe in the line chart that it was opened in June and appears to be the worst performing store.

The increasing popularity of Power BI has led to an increased demand for Power BI professionals and business analysts.. In this article, we will discuss some Power BI projects ideas that you can use to boost your chances of becoming a Power BI professional.. But before we start exploring Power BI projects and Power BI projects for practice, let’s take a look at exactly what Power BI is and why it is so important.. Power BI is a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool designed to analyze, visualize, and process enormous volumes of raw business data and transform them into actionable and interactive insights that help business managers, corporate executives, and other users to make better informed business decisions.. Power BI is a BI solution by Microsoft that provides a simple yet powerful interface that even non-technical users can use to create dashboards and analysis reports.. Power BI Desktop (a Windows desktop application) Power BI service (an online SaaS (Software as a Service) service) Power BI mobile applications (available for different platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android devices). Connect seamlessly with data sources: Power BI can connect to a variety of data sources, making it possible to align data sets from different sources and generate compelling reports on the basis of that data.. In order to help you broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills in Power BI, we have listed 10 Power BI project ideas based on your level of expertise.. Newbies can browse through the list of Power BI projects ideas for beginners, whereas intermediates and advanced users can browse through the list of Power BI projects for intermediates and advanced users.. However, the data set needs to be connected to Power BI Desktop so that irrelevant data can be removed before visualization and exporting of the filtered data as dashboards.. Funnel charts, combo charts (such as column charts, waterfall charts, line charts) for the summary page or overview page; Cards, Funnel Charts, and Combo Charts (such as Line Charts and Column Charts) for the income statement page; Cards and Tables for the balance sheet page.. Once the dataset has been loaded in Power BI Desktop and trained your clustering model has in Power BI, you can visualize the cluster labels in Power BI Dashboard in order to gain insights.. Power BI is one of the most powerful business intelligence tools for analyzing and visualizing data.. Throughout this article, we discussed what Power BI is, why it is important, and the top 10 Power BI project ideas you can implement to improve your data analysis and visualization skills.


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